I can’t move on.

I can’t move on.

I admit it. I do and I still loving u cz we broke up for none reason at a sudden. Yes, I always tell that I’m okay, I’m alright, but NO, I’m NOT. How did u do that? It looks easy for u, as easy as pie. That night I felt like a Thor’s metal hammer has hit me on my face, BANG!! and the tears flowing like mountain water through the river. Of course, we decided to be just friend yet he told me we could be BFF, idk if he truly understand the meaning of BFF which is Best Friend Forever, not BoyFriend Forever for sure (LOL). It has been two weeks and I still cant get u out of my head, “stubborn brain, did I told u to forget him?”. Tak larat lah nk meroyan lama2 sgt, pls lah someone pinang aku cepat. It took couple weeks for me to accept u after u approached me last few months and we spent 1800 seconds to end this. WHY? WHY? WHY???. Oh dear, what a life. Maybe I need more time to accept the fact that we don’t belong to each other. But, hey, we’re friends right? We’re still keep in touch, its not like we cant texting or hangout. Lets just keep it that way.

I remember years ago I’ve backed off from someone for nothing and the worst part is I left him without a word. So, I guess what goes around, comes around then. It served me really well. HAHHAHHA..!!


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